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        Welcome to Luoding City Jiada Textile Factory Co.,Ltd.!
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        Environmental Information

        (A) the basic information

        Unit Name: Luoding City Jiada Textile Factory Co.,Ltd.

        Organization Code: 73410126-5

        Legal representative: Fan Jinquan

        Production Address: 18#, Gongye No.3 Road, Luoding, China

        Contact: +86-766-3830860

        Main business: production and sale of Acrylic yarn, Blended yarn line and knitted garments, dyeing processing.

        Main products and scale: Acrylic yarn, Blended yarn lines and knitted garments: up to 40000 wool spindles, the annual spinning capacity is 13,000 tons, 2 million knitted garments.

        (B) Sewage information

        1, the main products of sewage pollutants in the situation

        Name of contaminant Drainage concentration Implementation of emission standards
        COD 48 mg/L 100mg/L
        BOD 18mg/L 20 mg/L
        Suspended matter 15 mg/L 60 mg/L
        Ammonia nitrogen 2 mg/L 10 mg/L
        Number of outlets 1
        Sewage discharge 35 million tons/year Of which the standard discharge of 350,000 tons/year
            Excessive emissions 0/year
        Emissions Directly discharged into the Wuli Bridge Creek, into the Long Island River
        Approved wastewater discharge 72 million tons/year

        2, exhaust emissions

        Number of outlets 1
        Exhaust emissions 75 million standard cubic meters/year
        Approved emissions 100 million standard cubic meters/year
        Name of contaminant Translation concentration (mg/Nm3) Perform emission standard (mg/Nm3)
        SO2 210 400
        NOX 142 300
        Smoke (powder) dust 65 100

        (C) Construction and operation of anti-pollution facilities

        August 2009 the company built a sewage treatment station, the sewage treatment capacity of 2,000 tons. Pollution source automatic monitoring equipment using domestic automatic monitoring system. From the operation of the past few years, the equipment is operating normally, the data is accurate and accurate, fully discharge compliance.

        (D) the environmental impact assessment of construction projects and other environmental protection administrative licensing situation

        September 30, 2011, Luoding Environmental Protection Agency agreed to the depth of the sewage treatment plant and pollution sources on-line monitoring equipment construction projects through the completion of environmental protection acceptance.

        (E) contingency plans for emergent environmental events

        1, the development of environmental emergency plans aim

        In order to prevent the company from sudden environmental accidents, and after the accident can quickly and effectively control and deal with, to prevent the spread of accidents, minimize the harm to the surrounding environment of the accident. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, establish and improve contingency plans for emergent environmental accidents, improve the company's ability to control environmental emergencies, and maintain social stability. Protect the company's life and health and property safety, protect the environment and promote social comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. At the same time earnestly implement the "safety first, prevention first" approach, insist on accident and disaster relief and prevention work combined; to further strengthen the company production management, is based on the actual situation of the company, specially formulated "emergency plan" (Draft trial).

        2, the emergency response leading group

        Leader: Ye Feiqiang

        Deputy head: Zhang Wenan, Yang Lihua, Xian Zhifeng

        Members: Yao Fubiao, Mo Guoqiang, Qin Naixiong,

        3, the emergency response leading group responsibilities and division of labor

        ①, Responsibilities:

        Responsible for the unit "plan" formulation, revision; set up contingency treatment team, organize the implementation and drills; check and supervise the accident prevention measures and emergency preparedness. Organize and conduct rescue operations; report to higher authorities and notify the relevant units of the accident situation, if necessary, to the relevant units issued a request for assistance; organize the accident investigation, the implementation of the emergency rescue team to carry out emergency rescue, Summarize the experience of emergency rescue.

        ②, the division of labor:

        Leader: organization and command of the whole plant emergency work.

        Deputy head: to assist the team leader is responsible for emergency response to the specific command, responsible for commanding the interception of leakage of materials to prevent outflow; and the scene of the accident decontamination, monitoring work; necessary times on behalf of the leading group to release the relevant information; responsible for engineering rescue work site Command, responsible for the accident when dealing with the production system, open a high degree of work.

        Team members: the accident site communication links and external relations, is responsible for the supply and transportation of relief supplies; to assist the team leader to do the accident alarm, the situation informed and accident work. Responsible for the rescue of injuries, poisoning the production of necessities of supply, on-site medical ambulance command and poisoning, rescue and transfer of injured workers classified escort work.

        4, environmental emergencies matters preventive measures

        ①, and the pool of PH value of the drainage failure

        A, and in the pool of wastewater PH is less than 6 or greater than 9, prohibit and pump outwards.

        B, open and the pool into the compressed air door, the pool and the water will stir.

        C, to cancel the measured PH value.

        If the PH value is greater than 9, open the neutralization pool into the acid door, start the acid pump, to the pool and the pool of the same, if the PH value is less than 6, open the neutralization pool into the alkali door, start the alkaline pump, Into the amount of acid.

        E, with the compressed air mixing evenly, take water sample measured PH value, when the PH value between 6-9 qualified, or need to continue to adjust to qualified before drainage.

        ②, process plant operation to take a lot of smoke in the chimney

        A, check the spray type granite dust tower is normal operation

        B, furnace coal quality is normal.

        C, check the boiler combustion adjustment is normal.

        5, safeguard measures

        A, financial security by the company's financial department

        B, equipment security by the company responsible for production and operation

        C, communications security by the company responsible for the maintenance department

        D, force resources to protect the company's human resources department is responsible for

        E, publicity and training exercises to strengthen the staff's security precautions meaning, by the company's emergency plan leading group and training center.

        6, the contingency plan leading group emergency role and deal with the aftermath

        A, when the sudden environmental incidents in the event, the leadership team must be present immediately on-site command, as short as possible to control and eliminate the accident.

        B, on-site treatment and rescue of the injured and comfort, recovery of production facilities and so on. The basic situation of environmental pollution accident assessment, while the relevant information compiled, including decision-making records, information analysis and work summary, the preparation of the accident report.

        C, the report of environmental emergencies in the first report, renewal and processing of the results of the report. Report: from the discovery of the accident within 1 hour reported to the higher authorities; continued to report: to identify the cause of the accident after the report, the accident is completed immediately after the report.

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